PHASE 2 Releasing April 23, 2016

Exclusive Preview April 11-17th…CALL NOW!

Empire Communities are bringing another exciting new project – AVALON in Caledonia, Ontario. The project proposed to be built on 530 acres master planned community in Caledonia. There are about 3000 homes planned for the entire community situated in northeast Caledonia at the corner of McClung Road and Haldimand Road 66.

Phase 1 at Avalon will release 197 homes which will include 20′ ft Townhomes, 27′ Detached Lots, 34′ Detached Lots, 42′ Detached Lots & 50′ Detached Lots!

State of the Art Community Features will include:

  • Grand Entrance Feature
  • Unique Central Park
  • School
  • Park With Fitness Facilities
  • Tennis Courts
  • Children’s Playground
  • Major Park
  • Distinct Trail Markers




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Is it a Chattel or a Fixture? What’s the difference?

The question whether an item is a chattel or a fixture has caused many differences/disputes between sellers and buyers. In order to answer the question is this item a chattel or a fixture lets take a look at the definition of a chattel and a fixture as defined by the Real Estate Encyclopedia (Canadian Edition – OREA):

  • Chattel: Are the moveable possessions and personal property. Usually items that can be removed without injury to the freehold estate.
  • Fixture: An improvement or item of personal property on the real property becomes a fixture when it is so attached to the real property or building that it becomes part of it.

In other words a Fixture is a physical property that is permanently attached or fixed to real property (i.e. furnace, air conditioner, light fixtures, sinks, toilets etc). Generally they are considered part of the sale and included in the purchase price unless it is specifically mentioned and excluded in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale (i.e. dining room chandelier, curtain rods etc).

A Chattel can be converted to a fixture by the process of attachment. For example, if you have lumber sitting in your backyard – that is a chattel, now if you use it to build a fence, it becomes a fixture (to the real property). Another example can be of a furnace – it is a chattel before it is installed, once you have installed it, it becomes a fixture (connected to the floor,  electrical system, duct work etc). Generally speaking, Chattels are the moveable possessions like window coverings, fridge, stove, washer, dryer etc. Chattels are usually not included in the sale price of the home unless stated in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale (it must clearly be identified in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale – as to what is and what is not included).

In order to have a smooth trouble free transaction don’t assume anything, identify the chattels you want on the Agreement of Purchase & Sale and also identify the Fixtures that are excluded from the transaction on the Agreement of Purchase & Sale.

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Additional Costs When Buying a Home

Additional Costs When Buying a Home

The purchase price of your home is only one of the costs you’ll encounter. Here are other possible costs you need to consider:

•Mortgage loan insurance: If you are putting less than 20 per cent of the house value down, you’re going to need mortgage loan insurance. Depending on the lender, the premium can be added to mortgage payments.

•Appraisal fee: Lenders typically loan a percentage of the home’s purchase price or the market appraisal of the property. Cost depends on the size and complexity of the assignment.

•Land survey: The lender may ask for a current survey or certificate of location before signing off on the loan. There can be a substantial cost for having a new survey done on the property.

•Deposit: A deposit normally goes with the formal offer to purchase.

•Insurance: The lender will require proof of property insurance for the replacement value of the house and its contents from the day you take ownership.

•Title insurance: Provides coverage in case of problems with the property title among other things. The cost is relatively low, usually a few hundred dollars.

•Application fee: Some lenders will pass on the cost to process your application. These fees vary and some lenders will waive entirely if you have other accounts with them.

•Mortgage broker’s fee: If you use a mortgage broker, a fee may be charged to arrange a mortgage on your behalf.

•Home inspection fee: An inspection protects the buyer by revealing any problems in the property that you’d want to know before you move in.

•Legal fees: You can save some of the legal fees usually charged by the lender if your lawyer draws up the mortgage. You’ll also pay for disbursements which are the costs involved in drawing up the title deed, conducting a title search, and preparing and registering the mortgage.

•Land Transfer Tax: Accessible from the home page (left menu) of my website http://www.roubledhaliwal.com to calculate your Ontario land transfer taxes.

•Harmonized Sales Tax: Resale (used) homes are exempt from HST but it does apply to newly constructed homes. Although HST is exempt from Resale homes but it will apply to Real Estate Commissions, Lawyer Fee, Home Inspection, Appraisal Costs etc.

•On new homes over $400,000 additional tax only applies to the portion of the price above $400,000. For example, if a new home was priced at $450,000, additional tax would only be applicable on $50,000. Buyers of new homes receive a rebate of up to $24,000 regardless of the price of the new home.

•Other costs: These include moving costs, fees charged by utilities for service hook-ups, property tax and other adjustments (an adjustment takes place when the seller has already paid for something in advance and wants to be credited for the unused portion on the date the house becomes yours), and ongoing maintenance (condo fees etc) and utility costs.

Source: Toronto Real Estate Board and Ontario Ministry of Revenue

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Mississauga Real Estate


Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer or an Experienced Investor, I firmly believe that property is the safest form of investment as it is able to generate both stable rental income as well as long term capital growth. Real Estate is not only someone’s dream home but also an investment and one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make. Over the past 12 years in Real Estate, I have had the pleasure of Buying and Selling homes throughout the Peel Region, Greater Toronto Area and the Halton Region and have met many incredible people along the way, and some of whom have become my friends.

The Buying and Selling of a home is often an emotional and sometimes very difficult experience. Having an experienced Real Estate Broker who understands that, keeps your best interest in mind and represents you with the highest degree of customer service and professionalism, and who can take as much of the load off as possible is important. The services that I offer are achieved from hard work, perseverance and knowledge of the local area.

I have developed a Full Service approach to the Buying and Selling of Real Estate to make the process as seamless as possible for First Time Home Buyers and as well as Seasoned Investors. The process is pretty much the same in every transaction, the personalities and needs are different. I treat each sale or purchase as if it were my own and my clients like I would want to be treated.

Your satisfaction is my main concern and I am there every step of the way and ensure that you are aware of all the options and that you are comfortable with your decision. I look forward to the opportunity of becoming your trusted real estate resource.


Rouble Dhaliwal  Broker

Sutton Signature

Sutton Group – Signature Realty Inc., Brokerage

O: 905.286.5888 F: 905.286.5999


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